The new Correos stamps for parcels

In recent years, the boom in new information and communication technologies has dramatically affected the postal market around the world. Internet, email, mobile messaging, social networking, ... have all resulted in a decline in personal mail, although the spectacular growth of electronic commerce has led to the rise of commercial mail and, in particular, that of parcel shipments. In Spain, Correos now delivers less letters and more parcels. As a result, postal companies are obliged to adapt to this new situation, and Correos has been absorbed, for some years, in the process of modernization of facilities, equipment and technology.

To improve its parcel services, Correos invited tenders, in March 2010, for the supply and installation of new thermal printers for parcel labelling, using software developed by Correos. This allows the tracking of parcel shipments throughout the postal network, from the admission in post offices, to the treatment, delivery, and even the forwarding or returns.
The tender required the supply of a total of 2,340 thermal printers - 2,325 low-end and 15 mid-range, and it was awarded to Informática El Corte Inglés, S.A. in late June 2010. For low-end machines, the company offered the Toshiba Barcode Printer B-EV4D (right image and below), offering direct thermal printing with a maximum resolution of 203 dpi.

These printers were first installed in late 2010, over a period of time in the main post offices across the country. 195 units were reserved for Correos customers.

The software lets the user or postal employee to enter the parcel information - the weight, sender, addressee, and shipment type, and the system produces a large size 'postal label' or stamp with all this information, which is printed using the thermal printer connected to the system.
The printers use rolls of thermal self-adhesive white labels sized 100 x 145 mm.

The introduction of this new software and the subsequent issue of 'parcel labels' or stamps is being done in stages. At the time of writing this article, this new service is only available, in some post offices, for selected customers, by special agreement with Correos.

In late February 2011, Correos and Chronoexprés, its subsidiary company specializing in parcel and express shipments, started a pilot in 18 post offices in the province of Madrid where they introduced two new Chronoexprés services: CHRONO 10 and CHRONO 14. These are 2 national express delivery services for documents and parcels, ensuring delivery before 10:00 or 14:00 hours on the day after admission into the post office, depending on the service chosen.
In the following weeks the test was extended to other post offices throughout the country.
When one of these postal pieces are handed into a Correos post office, the system sends a notification to Chronoexprés, which is responsible for the collection at that office, the transport, and delivery to the addressee.
The left image shows the parcel label (size 100 x 145 mm.) issued by a Toshiba B-EV4D printer, for a postal item, mailed using the CHRONO 14 service. The stamp or parcel label contains duplicate information on shipping, and the portes pagados (postage paid) indication as a proof of advance service payment.

Would you like to receive one cover with this type of postage label ?
Just contact us by email. Currently this is a domestic service only. So, if you live in Spain, we can send it to your postal address. If you don't live in Spain, we can send you a circulated domestic cover.
The service is free to ATEEME members. You only pay for the preparation and shipping costs - according to the current postal rates. These can vary between 10 and 15 EUR, depending on the destination.

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