New ATM vending machines in Spain

In April 2001 Correos y Telegrafos announced the public tender for the acquisition and installation of three lots of postal vending machines

There was no winner for two lots of this public tender, precisely this ones including the automatic vending machine ATMs ; the only prototype presented was this one offered by the French company Amiel Electronique.

Despite all it, Spanish Posts have great interest in this new postal service and in February 2002 announced the 2nd. public tender ; similar than previous one, it include again 2 lots of automatic vending machine ATMs :

  • The first group included the purchase and installation of 200 automatic vending machines of variable value stamps. This new distributors will allow to obtain ATMs of thermal type with some programmed values and payment with coins. The installation of these new distributors would take place in the post offices from the most tourist cities. 
  • The second group consider the purchase and installation of 50 modular equipment, including an ATM vending machine (of identical characteristics to those of the first group), a covers distributor unit, a balance and a mailbox. This equipment would be installed in the main post offices from province capitals.
Again, it was no winner for the first lot and a new public tender is expected very soon ; But in June 2002 the second lot was won by Spanish company EPELSA
Spanish Posts - Correos expect (...) that this 50 new ATM vending machines will be in operation at the end of July or beginnings of August, 2002

(Update. 31.10.2002). At the end of September of 2002 Correos y Telegrafos announced a new public tender with identical bases to this one of February ; this suppose that previous one have no winner, also no Spanish company Epelsa as it was advanced. Unfortunately neither Spain Posts nor Epelsa facilitate no type of information on the matter... That's Spain ...

Let us remember that in 1993 and 1994 the Spanish Postal services tested several prototypes of self-service postal offices and also in 1996 some self-service IBM postal machines were installed with a great failure.

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