The Spanish publishing house FILABO has plagiarized our website ...

The Spanish philatelic publishing house FILABO, in the new edition of specialized stamps catalogue 1850-2003 has plagiarized all the section about "Etiquetas autoadhesivas" (adhesive labels), pages 420 to 429 and 458, from our website. The copy is literal, word by word and down to the last detail. All that has been done acting in bad faith and obviously with commercial and economical profit.

In sight of this situation and taking into account other commercial and publishing activities that they had been developing taking profit of our work and investigations, the web editors decided on November 3rd, 2002 to close the web page temporarily in wait to decide the necessary actions to carryout and think about the future continuity of our information.

A week later after closing the website we have decided to reopen it again with the same original structure while we continue with the actions and the formal complaint against FILABO. By now we know that we have our website protected and our copyright recognized by the law.

We're very grateful for the support and solidarity that we have received, mainly from Spanish collectors and visitors, though different ways along last weeks with great emotion. The words and support had been without any doubt the key to reopen the page so quickly and they had made possible to us to carry on with enthusiasm our study and investigations about the variable value stamps or ATMs.

¡ Thank you for your understanding  !

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