Another error in the Spain ATM issues ... The Hispano Suiza 20-30 HP

It's not the first time that happens it with the Spain ATM issues ... Once in a while, a more or less important error appears in one ATM paper. Let us remember, for example, the Norton motorcycle of 1936 (model T58 - 66) that, in fact, showed a Narcla motorcycle of 1953 ! 

This one is another of the important mistakes ...

In this case it's the model T85 (93), issued in 2003, that supposedly shows a Hispano Suiza 20-30 HP from 1910, displayed in the Museo de Historia de la Automocion de Salamanca (Museum of History of the Automotion of Salamanca).
As you can already guess, the image does not correspond with the text; It's right, this is a car manufactured by Hispano Suiza, but it's not a 20-30 HP model manufactured in 1910, but a 16 HP model manufactured some years later, in 1916.

Both vehicles are on exhibition in the Museo de Historia de la Automocion, and we suppose there is -but not justify- the confusion.

The vehicle appearing on the ATM paper it's currently exhibited in the last room of the Museum. It's a Hispano Suiza car, model 16 HP manufactured in 1916, with a bodywork type Double Phaeton. The engine is a 59 CV, 2952 CC and maximum speed of 120 km/h.

Hispano Suiza model 16 HP, 1916
And this one is the car corresponding to the text; 
Displayed in one of the first rooms of the Museum is also a Hispano Suiza car, but a model 20-30 HP manufactured in 1910 with a bodywork type Limousine Landaulet
In this case, the engine is a 30 CV - 3768 CC and could reach a maximum speed of 80 km/h.

Hispano Suiza model 20-30 HP, 1910

Be ready for more surprises ...

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