Subject :
Postal emblem INPOSDOM
Date of issue : December 1999
Size :
47 x 27 mm.
Paper :
Thermal self adhesive - 2 colours
Printing value :
Thermal in black
Design :
INPOSDOM - Dominican Postal Institute
Printer :
Initial printing :
300.000 of labels ( approximate )

It was used during the first days of service ( December 1999 ) of the new franking balances EPELSA, Model RL-POSTAL, and only for foreign post, until that the Dominican Postal Authorities prohibited his use by legal problems.
The INSTITUTO POSTAL DOMINICANO ( INPOSDOM ) subscribed a loan with the Spanish Company EPELSA without the previous National Congress authorization. With the arrival of the new Government also a new Post General Director was named and he will try to solve the question legally.

As for the Cuba ATM prototypes, the labels were supplied by the balances manufacturing company ( EPELSA ) that, being based on the experience and characteristics of the ATM - thermal issues from Spain, ordered their manufacture to the Spanish company OVELAR from a outline designed by the Dominican Posts.

Is not possible to know if this ATM model or others will be used in the future.

The DOMINICAN POSTAL INSTITUTE ( INPOSDOM ) does not facilitate at the present time labels, models or material of any type related to this ATM.

Framed in an ambitious process of mechanization and modernization of its equipment, the INSTITUTO POSTAL DOMINICANO ( INPOSDOM ) is equipping its Postal Agencies in all the country with the new franking balances from the Spanish company EPELSA.

Model EPELSA RL-POSTAL The franking balances are of the new standard model of EPELSA company, the RL-POSTAL , logical evolution of previous models ET-CB and ET-RL IRIS used by the Spanish Post offices.

These balances are in service from the month of December 1999, and during few days they used the labels or ATMs supplied by the balances manufacturing company. 

The balances continue in use, although at the present time not yet ATMs or franking labels are used.

In a joined document there is a complete list with all the franking balances, this is all those that will be able to use franking labels or ATMs, installed in the Dominican Republic Post offices, with their location and number.

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