After the introduction of the new philatelic kiosk and its new ATM issues, during the Madrid stamps fair (see articles, also published in VARIABLE 41), the Spanish philatelic service has planned to release two new designs in September.

The machine will be installed, from September 14th to 18th 2016, in the large philatelic event to be held in Zaragoza. The show will bring together the national stamp exhibitions - EXFILNA 2016, and the 3rd European Convention for Collectors - ECC 2016.

According to initial information, two new labels featuring images related to Zaragoza (first row below), will be available in September 14th, 15th and 17th. On Friday 16th and Sunday 18th of September, these designs will be replaced by the two definitive designs presented in Madrid (second row).
All stamps issued in Zaragoza will include the special imprint '14-18 septiembre Zaragoza'.

As in Madrid, ATEEME offers you the opportunity to obtain these new issues at a discounted prices (*) - single stamps, sets of four values, first day covers on blank covers, mailed to your postal address, etc. Just contact us by email with your needs.

(*) Only for advance orders received before September 12th 2016. Special conditions for ATEEME members and VARIABLE subscribers

You can also buy the earlier issues at our online shop (www.galeriaatm.com/en/).

The publication VARIABLE 41, with 11 pages dedicated to the introduction of the new kiosk and its issues, is available through this link, or by contacting us
(12.00 EUR + shipping costs. Edition Spanish & English).

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