ATMs and EURO. New franking balances

In January 1st, 2002 the new European currency, the Euro will put in circulation.

This historical decision will suppose the end of the different national currencies in favour of a unique monetary system for the 12 countries of the European Union ; Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Portugal.

During the 2001 an important effort at all level is being done so that this transition can be made of the possible less traumatic way. In the case of stamps, from 2000 most of countries had begun to emit stamps in both face values ; the country's currency and its equivalence in Euros. This is also the case of the ATM issues in France.

Although Spain made his first stamp issue with double face value in 2000, this one will not be the case of the ATMs or variable value stamps

During this year the Spanish Posts undertake important modifications in Post Offices to adapt the franking balances to Euro, that allow the immediate change from Pesetas to Euros in the date that decide the postal authorities ; in the ATM printing digits and receipts as with all the countable and security processes of the balances. They limit also the possible maximum face value printed by the franking balances to 99,99 €.

The initial date of September 1st. 2001 was finally skipped for different reasons, problems with the computer system and hardware, but also for the troubles and fuss that the new ATMs only in Euros could suppose between the users.

This Plan of adjustment of balances EPELSA ET-RL began as a test in May of 2001 in 9 Post offices in Madrid ( where temporarily appeared the printing varieties called 4 wide and small ), and from there it has been extended -mainly during the summer months- to all the Post offices of the country. 

  One of the first and important consequences of this adaptation is the progressive disappearance of the 5 digits varieties ; if we can still find some exceptions for errors in pre adjustment operation, when adapting balances EPELSA ET-RL(IRIS) to the Euro they also profit to change all them to 6 digits ( small or wide ). 
If it becomes general and confirmed for all the balances, it would suppose that from the use of the Euro in the Post offices, and at collecting level, they would already be left only 2 printing varieties for each new model ; 6 wide digits and 6 small or narrow digits.

Until the definitive date for the change to Euro, the Spanish Posts will replace the totality of old autonomous balances EPELSA ET-CB and MOBBA  by a new model of franking balance ; EPELSA ET-RL(IRIS)/T. These new balances will be prepared to work only in Euros and will allow that the user ( the postal clerk ) can work in " local " - autonomous way - ( this is, using the keyboard to obtain the ATMs ) as well inhibiting the keyboard and working through the computer system IRIS of mail processing, which allows not only the obtaining of ATMs but also to realize other postal services ( as money orders, telegrams, ... ). 

The totality of old autonomous balances EPELSA ET-CB and MOBBA will be removed gradually up to the date of change ; Then, from this date, and at collecting level, the 4 digits printing varieties will disappear.

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