ATMs and EURO. What to collect ?

Many ATM collectors ask to us how it will be the situation in Spain with the arrival of the Euro ... 

A few days ago, an English collector who this summer has visited our country, wrote to us : 
The Correos in ( ..... ) cannot explain why they are currently selling ATMs advertising to Tenerife Carnival of May 2000 !

This funny situation illustrates quite well the situation of the Spain Post offices in relation to the ATMs ; An official date of issue for the ATMs does not exist, either a date of withdrawal, the different models are sent to the most part of Post offices without order and each Post office receives only some of the year models. Currently most of the main Post offices uses papers of the present year, but in many offices models of previous years can be still found. 
The total lack of information on the part of Spanish Posts about the ATM issues contrasts with the decided will to attract new collectors, as they demonstrate the last thematic sets ... 

At collecting level this means that when the Euro in the post offices will be implanted, will appear ATMs in Euros of most of the papers, even of oldest ones ! 
In addition to the chaotic situation in the use of the different models, it is necessary to add that with the enormous growth of the ATM collectors these last years, some postal clerks are specially keeping rolls from labels of the oldest models to use them from the implantation of the Euro and thus to be able to sell ( to the margin of its work in the Post office, in a species of ATM "black market" ) "curiosities" or "rarities" to the collectors ... 

From here, and before the avalanche of new variants that it could suppose, our suggestion or recommendation will be to establish the collection - if possible - considering the date of issue of each one of the models, as if it was a normal change in postal rates. 

Serve this explanation as a information and from here that everyone decides what must collect. 

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