Christmas 2004 - LF post

During next weeks ATEEME start a new and important collecting proposal related to the ATMs, and we invite you to join us.

This proposal is open to all the collectors interested in variable value stamps or ATMs.

The objective in this occasion is that each collector receive the most possible number of letters franked with ATMs obtained in ATM vending machines Epelsa LF 1100 or 3100 in Spain, all different numbers.

In this new collecting initiative will participate many ATM collectors in Spain. Each collector will send the letters with ATMs from the ATM vending machines in his zone, after the conditions established in the Spanish version of the web site.

ATM collectors in other countries around the world are welcome to join the initiative.
If you'd like to receive a lot of letters franked with ATMs to your address, all from different ATM vending machines Epelsa LF in Spain, don't hesitate and JOIN US NOW !

There exists some rumours about the removal of current ATM vending machines in Spain, this is a very good opportunity !

Expected calendar:

- From November 22nd up to December 15th, inscription of participants.

(- From December 16 up to 24th, preparation with Spanish participants.)

- Shipment of the letters with ATMs; From December 20th up to January 10th, 2005.

This is a large proposal. A first approach expect a large participation and each participant could receive between 50 and 100 letters, perhaps more depending on the total number of participants in Spain. We establish a cost per cover including all the preparation and shipment expenses. The cost will be around 1.00/1.20 EUR per cover sent to European countries, 1.50 EUR per cover sent to other countries, although we'll adjust the final cost based on the total participation and real expenses.

For inscriptions or any doubt or comment related to this proposal, you can contact by e-mail the co-ordinator of the initiative, Lluís Pujol ( or directly with the ATEEME group.


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