Belgium. Commemorative ATM issues 2009
Commemorative ATM issues 2009
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Postal vehicles - the past and present

2009. ANTVERPIA 2010 - Fleurus

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its foundation, the Fleurus Philatelic Association organized a philatelic exhibition, on February 21st and 22nd 2009, in the Salle polyvalente de la forêt des loisirs du Vieux Campinaire. 3 new stamp issues with their corresponding first day postmarks (Louis Braille, River and canal barges, and Red Cross) were launched in an advance sale, during this philatelic event (see pictures below).
La Poste installed an Amiel SIMA 1351 T ATM distributor, for collector usage, which issued a new ATM design. A total of 2,417 ATMs were issued during the 2 days of the exhibition.
Photo: E. van Caester
The new issue is dedicated to the announcement of ANTVERPIA 2010, the National & European Championship of Philately to be held in Antwerp from April 9th to 12th 2010. The designers are the MVTM team, Myriam Voz and Thierry Martin.

The face value of the ATMs, sized 50 x 25 mm, is printed with red ink on phosphorescent self-adhesive labels, which have luminescent fibres, with a white waxed backing paper.

The Amiel distributor, customized, as usual, for the occasion, had only 4 buttons configured with the 4 basic postage values of ATMs for priority mail, the only values that could be obtained of this design: 2 values for domestic mail (1 and 2 within a circle, for basic letters up to 50 gm., and non-basic mail up to 100 gm.), and basic mail up to 50 g. to Europe and the rest of the world (EUROPA 1 and WORLD 1, respectively). For the first time, all ATMs had no value indicated, but include a symbol instead for the numerical face value, according to the new postal tariff system in Belgium

The design includes the name of the country in 3 languages (Dutch, French and German), the logos of ANTVERPIA 2010 and the Belgian La Poste on both sides of the face value, and the dates and the city holding this important philatelic event in Europe.

Following the successful introduction of the new postal tariff system for domestic mail, in October 2007 (see article >>>), from January 1st 2009 the Belgian Post extended the postal system, to the international mail, using symbols and multiples of the basic postage rate.
The international postage system had already been simplified in February 2008 with the removal of non-priority mail, and from 2009 all the face values of the postage stamps were replaced by multiples. To distinguish national rates (figure inside a circle), the international multiples are represented within a small square with rounded corners, with a background showing the European flag, for stamps to be used on mail to the European Union, and a globe for shipments to the rest the world.

2009. Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers - Menen

2 weeks after the Fleurus exhibition, a new philatelic event opened its doors in Belgium. This was Filamen 2009, the Flanders East and West regional competitive exhibition. Filamen was organized by the local philatelic club (Meense Filatelieclub), and was held on March 7th and 8th 2009 at the Koninklijk Atheneum, Menen.

As in Fleurus, 3 new stamp issues were released, in an advance sale, at the Menen exhibition, along with their special postmarks: Belgian women in action, the postage stamp festival, and a nice souvenir-sheet, with two stamps priced for the rest-of-the-world mail rates, devoted to the preservation of the polar regions and glaciers (right picture).

Here too, the Belgian La Poste installed an AMIEL SIMA 1351 T distributor, customized for the occasion, and produced a new ATM design with the same subject as the souvenir-sheet. The design of both issues are by MVTM - Myriam Voz and Thierry Martin. Both designs depict the same polar landscape background.

In this case, a total of 2,530 ATMs were sold during the 2 days of the exhibition, with the 4 basic franking values programmed into the selection buttons
Photo: E. van Caester

Both the characteristics of the labels and the impression made by the Amiel distributor, are identical to the previous issue. Self-adhesive labels with phosphorescent coating and luminescent fibres, and the face value printing using red ink.

The ATM issue is another of the postal issues in 2009 devoted to the preservation of the polar regions. In the upper left corner can be seen the map of Antarctica, where Belgium opened a research station on February 15th 2009. At the bottom, the symbol of the campaign and the La Poste logo.

As a part of the celebrations of the International Polar Year 2007-2009, the postal administrations of Finland and Chile invited those countries, having interests in both the Arctic and the Antarctic, to launch a joint postal issue during 2009. The objective is to attract international attention to global warming of the polar regions and the melting of glaciers, resulting from climate change.
40 postal administrations around the world have joined this unprecedented important philatelic event. Most of the Nordic countries, countries with interests in the polar regions, conducting research programs, or with scientific stations, such as Belgium with the new Princess Elisabeth Antarctic base.
All the issues include the symbol of the campaign, a 'protected' ice crystal designed by the Finnish artist Saku Heinänen.

La Poste prepared 2 commemorative postmarks for the souvenir-sheet, which also could be used with the ATM issue.
At the left, detail of a first day cover with the advance sale postmark used at Menen (07-03-2009).

At the right and below, maximum cards postmarked with the first day of issue postmark for Brussels (09-03-2009).

2009. Postal vehicles - the past and present

Organized by the Spoetnik Filatelie philatelic group, the 10th East Flanders Stamp Day (10de Oost-Vlaamse ag van de Postzegel) was held on August 29th and 30th 2009, in the NOVA Centrum, in Gent.

During the exhibition, Belgium’s La Poste set up a temporary post office for the advance sale of 3 new stamp issues, and their corresponding special postmarks: Post in motion, Life is dance – along with a sheetlet of 5 stamps devoted to Maurice Béjart -, and a booklet with 10 self-adhesive stamps dedicated to the world of the circus. The organizing philatelic group also issued a personalized stamp.

  Photos: R. Beeckman

The issue, Post in motion, is a souvenir-sheet entitled 'Postvoertuigen vroeger en nu' (Postal vehicles in the past and present), with 2 sets of 5 stamps depicting 5 vehicles used by the Belgium’s La Poste over the years. They are also available as a collection of 5 miniature postal vehicles.

This stamps series is complemented by a new special ATM issue, which depicts the first stamp of the series (right picture).
From 1958 until the late '70s, the former Régie des Postes Belges acquired, and used for its fleet, different versions of Citroën 2CV vehicles, always painted in red and with the La Poste logo on the doors.

The design of the souvenir-sheet and the ATM are by Guillaume Broux and Jean Libert.
The label size is 50 x 25 mm., and they are manufactured using self-adhesive paper with a phosphorescent coating and luminescent fibres.
As with previous issues, La Poste installed an AMIEL SIMA 1351 T distributor near the temporary post office. The machine only issued ATMs with 4 different symbols, corresponding to the main postal rates: 2 values for domestic mail (1 and 2 within a circle, corresponding to standard letters up to 50 gm. and non-standard mail up to 100 gm.), and standard mail, up to 50 g., to Europe and the rest of the world (EUROPA 1 and WORLD 1, respectively). The printing is with red ink.

The special postmark 'De Post in beweging' (Post in motion), also depicts a postal vehicle, and was available during the exhibition. Collectors could prepare different first day commemorative material, using the ATM issue 'Postal vehicles in the past and present'.

Left. Maximum card with the today's picture of a Citroën 2CV AZU-L, used by La Poste in 1959.
The La Poste Citroën 2CV were part of the country's urban landscape for many years.
One of these vehicles can be recognized in the bottom left corner of the Durbuy's Maison Espagnole postcard (right picture). Also some postal vehicles (including a Citroën 2CV), parked near the La Poste building, can be seen in the postcard of the St. Nicholas church, in Gent (above).

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