Following its participation, one month before, at the Nanjing fair - CICE 2017 (see article, also published in VARIABLE 46), Cartor Security Printing installed another stand in Coleccionar 2017, the largest collecting event of 2017 in the Americas.

Collecting 2017 was held from October 24th to 29th at the Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center, located in SDC – Cultural Sector Disclosure in Brasilia, the federal capital of Brazil.

This major event brought together two philatelic shows, the world stamp exhibition BRASILIA 2017 and the national stamp exhibition BRAPEX 2017, as well as coins, antique cars, handicrafts and orchids exhibitions.

Focusing on our field of study, Cartor presented in Brasilia the new DKU (Desktop Kiosk Unit) developed by Intelligent AR for the printing of variable value stamps. Visitors, including many school children, were able to test the CSP2 machine and issue the great special sample labels especially produced by Cartor, for the event.
Like in CICE 2017, users had the option to customize the text printed on the labels.

Photos: B. Delmer

For the Brasilia exhibition, Cartor printed rolls of labels with a series of four consecutive colourful designs with the BRASILIA 2017 exhibition and the company logos, and different motifs related to Brazil; the country's flag and various animals, such as the macaw, the blue poison arrow frog, the toucan and parrots. Various Brasilia's landmarks are featured on the security background, on the left of the label; the metropolitan cathedral and the National Congress buildings, works of the architect Oscar Niemeyer (who also designed the International Cultural Center of Avilés - see front cover of VARIABLE 45), and the Juscelino Kubitschek bridge.
Following Taipei 2015 (article and VARIABLE 37), Singapore 2015 (article and VARIABLE 38), Philataipei 2016 (article and VARIABLE 43) and Melbourne 2017 (article and VARIABLE 43) and CICE 2017 (article and VARIABLE 46), Brasilia 2017 was the sixth philatelic event in which Cartor Security Printing has produced special sample labels.

(As usual, ATEEME members and VARIABLE subscribers and readers will receive the test sample labels, according to our possibilities)

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