FRANCE. 2012. The new software for the postal kiosks - LISA v5
Following the comments and suggestions received from users and postal employees, the French La Poste decided to develop a new software for all the postal kiosks in service in its post offices across the country. Among other new features, such as automatic stand by to reduce power consumption and new options for postal products for sale, the new version, called LISA v5, aims to improve the ergonomics and make easy the user interaction. They have redesigned the visual interface, with more simplified screens, larger characters, and the redesign of the selection buttons (right image, the main menu screen).

The new software was tested as a pilot, starting from June 15th 2012, in the IER LISA 2 postal kiosks installed in Nantes Beauséjour, Nantes République and Paris Tour Montparnasse post offices. In early July 2012, the software was also installed in IER 950 Nabucco and Wincor Nixdorf Nabucco postal kiosks. After some modifications, the new software was installed, from late August, in all the other machines in service across the country.
(More information on the different types of postal kiosks, see article >, also published in VARIABLE 22).

During the early weeks, postal kiosks, programmed with the new LISA v5 software, issued ATMs where the face value was printed with two digits before the decimal point (00.01 EUR- right image, and images below). After the changes, the final version prints ATMs with one digit before the decimal point (0.01 EUR) - for face values under 10 EUR.

IER 950 Nabucco
Wincor Nixdorf Nabucco

Focusing on the study and collecting of vignettes d'affranchissement, the new LISA v5 software version brings two very interesting news items, with respect to previous versions:

Firstly, the addition of a 2-character abbreviation or prefix (EC, LV, LP, IP, MM, LR, IR) on the ATMs, in front of the face value. This prefix indicates the type of delivery requested by the user and is intended to improve automated mail processing. The exceptions are the ATMs for international parcels, which do not include any special prefix.
The following pictures show the ATMs with the current definitive design 'Paper planes' and the 5 basic rate shipment options, issued by the 3 types of postal kiosks in service.

IER LISA 2 postal kiosks

IER 950 Nabucco postal kiosks

Wincor Nixdorf Nabucco postal kiosks

Test label - IER LISA 2 postal kiosk Test label - IER 950 Nabucco postal kiosk

Another new feature. After selecting the shipment type, the system indicates the postage rate and asks if the postal item is already partially franked ('Votre envoi est-il déjà partiellement affranchi ?').

  If it is, the customer must indicate the type of stamp used or the postage value affixed (screens below) ...

... and then the system automatically calculates the value difference needed, which is issued in the form of a new special ATM which includes the text 'COMPLEMENT D'AFFRANCHISSE-MENT'.

It is possible to obtain ATMs with the minimum value programmed into the postal kiosk (usually 0.01 EUR), from the 20 different types currently programmed, and with the special text 'COMPLEMENT D'AFFRANCHISSEMENT'. Simply select the shipment type and indicate a previous franking 1 cent less than the corresponding postage rate.
The ATMs below show the 20 new indicators, issued by a Wincor Nixdorf Nabucco postal kiosk.

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