FRANCE. 2013, CHAISSAC - DUBUFFET at the L'ADRESSE Musée de La Poste

In 2013, the great new temporary exhibition at L'Adresse Musée de la Poste was dedicated to two great artists of the twentieth century, Gaston Chaissac (1919-1964) and Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985).
The exhibition 'Chaissac - Dubuffet, entre plume et pinceau' can be visited between May 27th and September 28th 2013. The exhibition brings together a large number of paintings, sculptures and other objects of both artists, as well as documents and letters. It is an exhibition devoted not only to art, but also to postal history, as the basis of the exhibition is devoted to the abundant correspondence mailed between the two artists and over some 20 years, since they met in 1946 and until the death of Chaissac in 1964.

The exhibition is complemented by various activities organized by L'Adresse such as a round table, guided tours, workshops, and lectures. Furthermore, a catalogue of the exhibition, and many other material related to both artists and their work has been published and can be purchased in the museum shop, as books, postcards, posters and other items.
For stamp collectors, they also produced a prefranked postcard or Prêt-à-Poster, illustrated with the exhibition poster (left image), a presentation pack or booklet with 4 personalized stamps, and a new vignette LISA. One special postmark is also available during the exhibition (right).
The ATM issue is a new creation by Philippe Rodier, from L'Adresse Musée de la Poste. It is a very simple design inspired by the exhibition poster.

After the special releases for the exhibitions 'Joyaux philatéliques de l'Afrique, de l'Île Maurice et de la Réunion' (2010 - see article, and in VARIABLE 17), 'Nils-Udo NATURE' (2011 - article and VARIABLE 21), and 'Gleizes - Metzinger, du cubisme et après' (2012 - article and VARIABLE 25), this is the fourth ATM issue devoted to one of the great temporary exhibitions at L'Adresse Musée de la Poste.

La Poste has previously released two stamps, within the artistic series, dedicated to works of both artists. The first, issued in 1985, depicts the work 'L'égaré', one of the last by Jean Dubuffet, painted in 1984 (Yvert 2381). In 2000, another stamp depicts the work 'visage rouge' (1962), by Gaston Chaissac (Yvert 3350).

The Chaissac - Dubuffet ATM issue could be obtained from June 4th 2013, one week after the opening of the exhibition and, as usual, only from the IER LISA 2 Évolution distributor installed in the hall of the museum. The total printing for this design was 15,000 labels.

According to the tariff program in use on the date of issue, it was possible to obtain ATMs of this design with up to 40 different texts or indicators (20 shipment types + 20 franking complements), as well as ATMs with no text, just the face value starting from 0.56 EUR.
TEST label

Minimum face value programmed Inland economic mail - EC    ECOPLI
Inland priority mail (J+2) - LV    LETTRE VERTE Inland priority mail (J+1) - LP    LETTRE PRIORITAIRE
International priority mail
Inland priority mail - Small parcel
International priority mail - Small parcel
Registered domestic mail, first security level

ATMs with a face value of 0.56 EUR (minimum value programmed), to be used as a franking complements for ECOPLI and MINI MAX shipments.

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