FRANCE. 2014 - Faites vos voeux ! EX-VOTO d'artistes contemporains.
Temporary exhibition at L'Adresse Musée de La Poste

The third temporary exhibition of L'Adresse Musée de La Poste in the Chemin de Montparnasse is dedicated to the votive culture, the tradition of leaving offerings in places of worship, for ritual purposes, usually to gain favour or to give thanks to a deity, at times of of illness or danger.

The exhibition displays about 40 traditional offerings, or ex-votos, from different countries and historical periods, plus the works of 13 contemporary international artists (painters, sculptors, photographers, ...) inspired by the votive culture.
The expression 'Faites vos voeux' could be translated as 'Make your vow'.
The exhibition poster reproduces the work 'El diablo solo' (The devil alone), painted in 2001, by the French artist Hervé Di Rosa.
'(...) el demonio está aburrido. Raros son los clientes y el mal se distribuye con parsimonia'
'(...) the devil is boring. The customers are rare and evil is distributed with calm

As usual, the museum prepared different commemorative exhibition products. Among them, a catalogue, a poster, and a new vignette LISA.

Since 2010, L'Adresse Musée de La Poste has released, annually, one definitive ATM design that can be obtained throughout the year, and another special issue for one of its temporary exhibitions.
In 2014, with the museum building closed for major renovation work and with the shop temporarily moved to a nearby premises (pictures), L'Adresse scheduled three temporary exhibitions at the Musée de Montparnasse, and two of them had their own special ATM issue (see article > dedicated to previous special edition, in 2014 - 'L'art fait ventre', also published i

By the way, it is surprising that most of the temporary exhibitions organized by this postal museum have no connection with mail or philately, ... possibly a promotional way to attract a wider audience ...

The ATM issue is a new composition by Philippe Rodier, the L'ADRESSE Musée de La Poste graphic designer, and is again based on the exhibition poster.
The design left the central part of the label free, for easy viewing of the face value indicators, but it is extremely simple and unattractive ... almost as unattractive as some of the temporary exhibitions !!

The 'Faites vos voeux !' ATM issue could be obtained throughout the exhibition, from October 7th 2014 until January 3rd 2015, only from the IER LISA 2 Évolution distributor installed in the boutique du Musée de La Poste. The total printing for this design was 20,000 labels.
  L'Adresse made available to collectors an illustrated special postmark.

According to the tariff in use on the date of issue, it was possible to obtain ATMs of this design with up to 40 different texts or indicators (20 shipment types + 20 franking complements), as well as ATMs with the face value starting at just 0,59 EUR.
TEST label

Minimum face value programmed Inland economic mail - EC    ECOPLI
Inland priority mail (J+2) - LV    LETTRE VERTE Inland priority mail (J+1) - LP    LETTRE PRIORITAIRE
International priority mail
Inland priority mail - Small parcel

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