Israel. ATM issues 2017
2017. Road safety

For the second year running, Israel Post has dedicated its annual set of ATM issues to a social theme. Following the 2016 set dedicated to raising awareness about dog adoption in Israel, the 2017 new issues are illustrated with different motifs related to road safety. All designs are by Racheli Shalev, a young Israeli illustrator.

2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the creation of the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA), the organization leading national strategy for road safety. The organization serves as an information centre and also directs and coordinates the road training activities, with the aim of reducing the number of accidents and fatalities in the country.

The first design, 'Road Safety', introduces the series, with a design reminding us of the meaning of traffic light colours.
As in the previous years, this is the only design obtainable from January 1st 2017, and later, from all aCon SPU STAMP postal kiosks. In some cases, the design will be used throughout the year, whilst in some machines it will be used only until the introduction of another design in the series.

The rolls of labels are manufactured, on self-adhesive paper with a flexo digital imprint, by the local company Tadbick Ltd. The size of the label is 58 x 27 mm, with perforated vertical edges. 
The postal kiosk prints the machine code on the stamp (00001, used by the philatelic service) and the face value (NIS 2.40), in the upper right hand corner. The imprint is black and by thermal transfer.

With the new postal rates in force in Israel from January 1st 2017, the six values ​​programmed in the aCon kiosks, on the date of issue, were NIS 2.40 (small face value = domestic postage rate) - 4.00 - 6.50 - 7.40 - 8.30 - 9.00.
The images below show the dates of introduction of the new design in the ten aCon - Inbar postal kiosks in operation at different post offices across the country.

Detail of the special postmark, and pictorial first day cover

The second design, 'Cross at the Crossing', emphasizes the need to cross using pedestrian crossings.
In Israel, approximately 40% of fatal road traffic accidents involve pedestrians, with more than 100 fatalities each year. This percentage is much more than double that of other developed countries

Only two machines issued this design, from February 7th 2017; the equipment used by the philatelic service (00001), and postal kiosk 00300, installed in the Ashdod post office.

Detail of the special postmark, and pictorial first day cover

Another essential aspect of road safety, the mandatory use of a seat belt, is illustrated in the third issue of the series, entitled 'Buckle up for Life'.
Recent statistics in Israel show that although the use of a belt is more than 90% in front seats, this percentage reduces to less than
75% in rear seats, often occupied by children.

This design was also available from April 4th 2017, with two different codes, 00001, belonging to the philatelic service, and 00326, the code of the postal kiosk installed in the Rishon LeZion branch.

Detail of the special postmark, and pictorial first day cover

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