JERSEY. The Post & Go issues

2014, Jersey Post joins 'Post&Go'. The Jersey flag

The novelty about these issues and the amazing commercial success of the 'Post & Go' releases in the UK, powered by Royal Mail, is attracting the attention of other philatelic services. Year after year, collectors and dealers from around the world increase the demand and interest for these type of philatelic issues. The first postal administration to join the 'Club Post & Go' was Jersey Post.

Just one year earlier, during the Spring Stampex 2013, Royal Mail launched the 'Post & Go Services', the new philatelic offering, consisting of postal kiosks plus the 'Smiler' service for personalized stamps. The Intelligent AR company was contracted to take charge of the maintenance, development, and commercial operation of the postal kiosks. From March 2013, this equipment began a tour around the main national philatelic fairs and exhibitions, and even travelled to Australia during the Melbourne World Stamp Exhibition (see articles >, also published in VARIABLE 28 et seq.).

The great opportunity for Jersey Post came with the introduction of the new postal kiosks developed by Intelligent AR, launched at the Spring Stampex 2014 (see article >, and VARIABLE 32). On the 'Post & Go' stand, in addition to the three new Royal Mail postal kiosks (numbered A003, A004 and A005), Jersey Post also had its own postal kiosk, with the special code J001 (right). This equipment was in operation for four days, during Stampex, and it is not expected to be installed on the island. It will join the 'Post & Go Services', and will travel to some of the major philatelic events, along with the Royal Mail equipment.

Following in the Royal Mail’s footsteps, the first 'Post & Go' design by Jersey Post is dedicated to the national flag. It is a design by the True North Manchester agency. The rolls of labels are manufactured by Walsall Security Printers, with identical characteristics to their UK 'brother' counterparts.
The current flag was adopted by the States of Jersey on June 12th 1979, and proclaimed by Queen Elizabeth II on December 10th 1980.

This new design could be obtained, from February 19th 2014, from the J001 postal kiosk, installed at Spring Stampex 2014, (left strip, below), and also printed by the internal use equipment B001 (right strip).
This equipment was used to print all the ATMs sold by the philatelic service - in strips of 6 values, both mint and CTO, the mint strips included in the presentation packs (upper image), and first day covers (right).
Unfortunately, Jersey Post did not make ​​available to collectors the pictorial flag first day postmark prepared for this issue.

Following the standard set by Royal Mail, the new Intelligent AR kiosk for Jersey Post is also set up to issue the ATMs with 6 basic postage values. The current Jersey Post postal system created only 4 postal rate zones, so they decided to include two rates for domestic mail (Local Letter & Local Large), two for mail to United Kingdom (UK Letter & UK Large), and the two basic rates to Europe and the rest of the world (Europe & Intl Letter).

As well as the other Intelligent AR 'Post & Go' stamps, the lower code is unique to each stamp, and consists of a block of 6 leading digits (B2GB14 & B2JE14 in the images), in which 'B' corresponds to the brand machine (Intelligent AR), '2' for the month of issue, 'GB' or 'JE' for the country of issue, and '14' for the year. Then, another block of 4 digits identifies the postal kiosk (J001 or B001). Finally two blocks of 4 and 3 digits, corresponding to the session and stamp number, respectively.

As seen in the images above, the order of the stamps is different depending on whether the strip was issued by the postal kiosk or the internal use equipment.

Furthermore, among the numerous errors produced by the Intelligent AR equipment during Spring Stampex 2014, one concerned the new Jersey issue. In the mint sets sold at the Jersey Post stand at the philatelic event, (printed before the fair with the B001 equipment), the 'k' in the two face value indicators for the UK appears in lowercase ! Nobody noticed the error, and even if they noticed it, did not give it any importance, or perhaps they did it, on purpose, to generate interest ??!! The result is that the first visitors to the stand purchased all the sets for sale, which sold out in a couple of hours. A good deal for Jersey Post, a disappointment for these issues, and another reason for anger by collectors, who welcomed the new Jersey issue with great interest.

Intelligent AR postal kiosks can use two different rolls of labels, so they allow the issue, on a single machine, of ATMs with two different designs (or series of designs). For the J001 kiosks, they decided to install the new 'Jersey flag' design on the first reel, and the UK 'Union flag' design on the second reel (screen images below). This issue of stamps by two different postal administrations from the same machine, perhaps the first joint issue related to ATMs, produced some curious combinations, such as UK stamps with Jersey Post receipts.
On the other hand, the Jersey stamps bought in the postal kiosk were billed with a 20% surcharge on the face value, because of the VAT on sales made by Jersey Post in the UK. This surcharge does not appear in the receipts with the details of the issued stamps (right), but only in the bank card receipt with the total paid.

During the Spring Stampex 2014, Jersey Post shared a stand with the Guernsey / Alderney, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man philatelic services. Nobody is aware that these and perhaps other postal administrations have taken note of the commercial success of the new Jersey 'Post & Go' issue, and it would not be surprising that new countries would join, probably coinciding with the celebration of the next Stampex, the club of 'Post & Go' issues ... powered by Royal Mail.

The Jersey Post kiosk joins 'Post&Go' on tour

After the introduction of the new Jersey Post Intelligent AR postal kiosk at the London Spring Stampex 2014, the machine joined the tour of the 'Post & Go' equipment, powered by Royal Mail, but participating only in major philatelic events.

The first trip of the J001 postal kiosk was, on April 11th and 12th 2014, to the philatelic fair and exhibition held to mark the 85th Congress of the Association of Scottish Philatelic Societies. For the first time, Jersey Post attended this philatelic event with a promotional stand
(right image).

At Perth, the kiosk issued ATMs with the 'Jersey flag' design, and the UK 'Union flag' definitive design, both without any special text, and with the code B4GB14 J001-.

(More information, see the article dedicated to the 85th Scottish Congress, also published in VARIABLE 33).

Code change in PHILAKOREA 2014

After the Congress of Perth, the next destination of the Jersey Post kiosk was South Korea, on the occasion of the celebration of the PHILAKOREA 2014 World Stamp Exhibition. The machine was in service from August 7th to 12th 2014, on the Royal Mail stand, along with the rest of the 'Post & Go' equipment.

Considering that other postal administrations might join the 'Post & Go' project in the future, Intelligent AR decided to establish a new code system for its international postal kiosks, using two letters identifying the country. Thus, for PHILAKOREA 2014, the Jersey Post kiosk identification was changed from 'J001' to 'JE01'.

In its first international participation, the JE01 Jersey Post kiosk issued ATMs with the 'Jersey flag' and UK 'Union flag' definitive designs.
Only ATMs issued with the 'Jersey flag' design included the same special imprint as those from the two Royal Mail machines installed in the exhibition (A003 & A004)

PhilaKorea 2014
World Stamp Expo

Since the issue was released in South Korea, the code at the bottom of the stamps issued during the World Stamp Expo is B8KR14 JE01- (left image).
Acting as Royal Mail, Jersey Post also sold Collector Strips of the 'Jersey flag' design, with the same special imprint, but issued by the internal use terminal B001, with the code B8JE14 B001- (image) at the bottom.
On the last stamp of these sets, the 'k' of 'Philakorea' appears in lower case.

(More information, see article dedicated to PHILAKOREA 2014, also published in VARIABLE 34).

The new 'Post&Go' kiosk at Broad Street

With the JE01 kiosk 'on tour', now fully integrated into the Royal Mail 'Post&Go services', and a superb commercial result, Jersey Post decided to install the first permanent Intelligent AR postal kiosk, on the island.

This new machine, with the JE02 code, was installed on September 4th 2014, at the Jersey Post main post office in Broad Street, St. Helier, the capital.

It is not the first nor the only postal kiosk installed in this post office. From December 2007, within the 'Post&Pay' project, Jersey Post began the installation of several Integrex / Fujitsu postal kiosks at different post offices and a shopping centre. In September 2014, the Broad Street post office already had five postal kiosks in service, well placed in an area near the counters, where users can arrange their basic postal operations. The machines were designed and developed for postal usage, and are widely accepted and used by post office customers (see articles >, also published in VARIABLE 12, 18 & 32).

On the other hand, the 'Post&Go' kiosk is installed very prominently in the middle of the philatelic department, mainly visited by tourists, and surrounded by the wide range of Jersey Post philatelic products.

  Although it is similar to the JE01 model, (designed primarily for philatelic purposes), the JE02 machine is an updated version, enhanced with some new features and functions, which will allow, in the future, for its adaptation to include some basic postal operations.

During the first week in service, the JE02 kiosk issued ATMs with the 'Jersey flag' design in one reel and, whilst waiting for new designs for 2015, the UK 'Union flag' definitive design in the other reel (images).
All ATMs include identification of the office where the machine is installed

Broad Street

The printing of Jersey Post and Royal Mail stamps by the same machine is hard to understand beyond their philatelic conception and supposed philatelic interest, and could easily cause misunderstandings and confusion among users in a real post office environment.

To try to prevent this, Jersey Post placed a sign on top of the postal kiosk indicating that Royal Mail stamps are not valid for outgoing mail sent from Jersey (right image), and are also subject to a surcharge of 5%, corresponding to the Jersey VAT or goods and services tax (GST).

If they are not valid as a franking, and also are more expensive, who will buy these stamps ... except (some) philatelists ?

Just a week after installation of the postal kiosk, Jersey Post decided to introduce the first special temporary imprint. From September 11th 2014, to mark the Jersey International Air Display, the annual air show held in Jersey, the machine was programmed with the text

Broad Street
Intl Air Display

This special imprint was available for only one month, until October 11th, and only on the stamps issued with the 'Jersey flag' design.
The programming of special texts is very simple, and it is done remotely from the Intelligent AR control centre, in the UK. Intervention in the post office is limited to changing label rolls when they run out. New special imprints mean more philatelic sales with -almost- no additional investment (no stamps design and manufacturing changes, ...), and they will not miss out on motives and commemorations. It will be interesting to know the results of this first experience, the acceptance by collectors increasingly-more-tired-of-so-many-varieties, and see the Jersey Post's policy, in the coming months, regarding the special temporary imprints in the Broad Street post office.

The JE01 kiosk at AUTUMN STAMPEX 2014

Back to the UK after the long trip to South Korea in August, the JE01 Jersey Post postal kiosk was installed into the Royal Mail stand at the London Autumn Stampex, along with other 'Post&Go' equipment.
From September 17th to 20th 2014, the kiosk issued ATMs with 'Jersey flag' and UK 'Union flag' definitive designs.
ATMs printed on the rolls of the 'Jersey flag' design included the same special imprint as two of the three Royal Mail kiosks installed at the Autumn Stampex (A004 & A005)

First World War

Since the issue was printed in the UK, the code at the bottom of the stamps issued during the autumn's fair is B9GB14 JE01-
(left image).

(More information, read article dedicated to AUTUMN STAMPEX 2014, also published in VARIABLE 34).

The JE01 kiosk travels home for Christmas

After participating in Autumn Stampex 2014 (see article, also published in VARIABLE 34), Jersey Post decided to move its 'traveller' JE01 postal kiosk back home to the island, for use during the Christmas season.

The first duty of the machine was on the Jersey Post stand at the Jersey's Lifestyle Show 2014, a commercial none philatelic fair held from November 7th to 9th at Fort Regent, St Helier. During the three days, the machine was available to all visitors, issuing stamps with the 'Jersey flag' and the UK 'Union flag' designs on the two reels. The code at the bottom of the stamps issued during this fair is BNJE14 JE01, and surprisingly, Jersey Post decided not to include any special imprint.

At the end of the show, the kiosk was transferred to the foyer of the Jersey Post headquarters, in Rue des Pres (left image), where the machine was again in service from December 1st. All the ATMs issued at this new location, were of the 'Jersey flag' and 'Union flag' designs, include the identifier 'Jersey Post HQ'.
Jersey Post also decided to include a special festive text only for the 'Jersey flag' stamps issued by the two IAR postal kiosks in service on the island (JE01 in Rue des Pres and JE02 in the Broad Street post office), and throughout the month of December all the ATMs also included the imprint 'Merry Christmas'.

First day of issue receipts for the six values sets or 'Collectors strips' bought in both postal kiosks

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