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Peonies, the interruptus issue

After the 4 releases between 2008 and 2010 dedicated to tung blossoms, in 2011 Chunghwa Post issued a new ATM with a floral theme.

The picture for the new edition depicts the detail of an ancient painting 'Peonies' by Yun Shou-ping (see maximum card below), now exhibited at the National Palace Museum in Taipei.
Yun Shou-ping (1633-1690) was one of the main imperial court painters of the Qing Dynasty.

The rolls of gummed paper labels were manufactured by the Joh. Enschedé Security Print company. The total production was 800,000 labels - 400 rolls of 2,000 labels. As a safety measure, all the labels have serial numbers in the bottom left corner (AJ0927 in the upper image). This code is made up of 2 letters, identifying the roll, and 4 numbers for the label number. At the bottom centre of the label, is the name of the issue in Chinese, and the postal operator identification in the bottom right corner.

This issue could be obtained, starting on March 18th 2011, from the 52 Innovision vending machines installed around the country (numbers 076 to 127, see list >>>). In normal use, Innovision distributors print using black ink, with the face value in the the centre of the label, and the machine number in the top right corner.
As a variety, in commemoration of the Republic of China (Taiwan) centenary foundation, collectors can obtain ATMs from all Innovision distributors, with the value NT$100 between the date of issue until the end of the year. Until March 2011, the maximum value available from the distributors was NT$99.
ATM with face value NT$100, magenta ink special color imprint

As usual, Chunghwa Post produced an illustrated first day cover, designed by Delta Design Corporation, and prepared different commemorative postmarks.

Sanchong Post Office Taipei postal museum

  This issue has been surrounded by a major controversy that has even attracted the press. After the date of issue, the Taipei National Palace Museum complained to the postal authorities because the ATM design did not match the original painting, reproduced on the maximum card on the left. As shown, the ATM designer added a manipulated copy of the peony, which had been rotated and resized, in the upper left corner. In June 2011, after a long discussion, and without reaching an agreement, Chunghwa Post ordered the immediate removal of all the rolls of labels in use in the vending machines, and all the blank labels were returned to the general Post Office.

Some temporary special imprints, in smaller quantities, were also produced using this design, on the weeks following the date of issue, because of the withdrawals. This did not prevent the excessive proliferation of new special issues, because the temporary post offices used rolls with designs issued in previous years. A feast of designs, colours, numbers and combinations, to the delight of some and the indignation of others !!

These temporary offices are open only for a few hours, where visitors could get a special postmark and which offered one or more ATM vending machines with magenta, green and / or blue-violet cartridges. A small, limited number of collectors were able to use the equipment for a few minutes only and, therefore, quantities are very limited. Chunghwa Post, very thoughtfully (!!), made available, to visitors, illustrated commemorative folders which included varying composition ATMs, and sometimes even used different designs, and 'traditional' stamps. Since March 2011 the great 'novelty' is the presence of ATMs with the new value of NT$100, in the folders

rofoundly critical of the abusive issue policy, that is repeated year after year, the rest of this article only briefly deals with the first 3 temporary issues with the peonies design, produced using the 3 special colours.

The first was produced on April 1st in the Chiayi Yusan post office, in commemoration of the Chiayi mountain
train (Alishan Forest Railway) and the centennial of the Republic.
The Innovision distributor, number 087, installed in the post office, issued ATMs with a magenta imprint.

The following special edition was produced on April 6th in the Jhongshan E. Rd. post office, in Fongshan.
In this case, the distributor - number 99, installed in the post office was fitted with a green cartridge.

On the same day, April 6th, a new special edition was produced in the Minsheng Rd. post office, in Pingtung.
On that day, the distributor, number 104, installed in the post office issued blue-violet imprints.

ROCUPEX '11 TAIPEI - Formosan sambar deer

The national philatelic exhibition - ROCUPEX 2011 was held in the Taipei postal museum from October 7th to 12th 2011. The exhibition commemorated the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

Among the various philatelic releases published for the event, Chunghwa Post launched a new ATM issue featuring the Formosan sambar deer (Rusa unicolor swinhoei), a rare subspecies of deer and the largest native herbivore in Taiwan. The issue title is printed in the upper left corner of the label, in Chinese characters. The design is by the Delta Design Corporation.

The rolls of gummed labels were manufactured by the Joh. Enschedé Security Print company. The total production was 1.000,000 labels - 1,000 rolls of 1,000 labels. All the labels have a pre-printed serial number in the bottom left corner (AIS0145 in the above ATM), made up of 3 letters, identifying the roll, and 4 numbers for the label number. At the bottom centre of the label, is the name of the animal, in Chinese, with the logo, name of the postal operator and the country in the bottom right corner.
The new Formosan sambar deer issue was available, from October 7th 2011, at the 52 Innovision vending machines (numbers 076 to 127) installed in post offices across the country, and from December 1st 2001 also at the 20 new distributors (numbers 128 to 147). In addition, during ROCUPEX '11, a temporary post office was installed in the postal museum. There were 6 Innovision distributors, numbers 077, 100, 101, 102, 103 & 108 - which provided up to 3 different imprint colours over the 6 days of the event, according to the table below. In total, 18 different combinations of colour - machine number.

  077 100 101 102 103 108
7.10.2011 magenta magenta green green black black
8.10.2011 green green black black magenta magenta
9.10.2011 black black magenta magenta green green
10.10.2011 magenta magenta green green black black
11.10.2011 green green black black magenta magenta
12.10.2011 black black magenta magenta green green

The first day cover, designed by the Delta Design Corporation, and the commemorative postmark both feature the Formosan sambar deer.

As usual, the Taipei Post Office prepared commemorative folders for this issue, with different combinations of machine numbers, values ​​and colours.
The folder at the right, a special release for ROCUPEX '11, includes 3 sets with 8 basic postage values (NT$ 5-12-25-32 + NT$ 9-13-15-17), each set with a different colour.
The folder below commemorates the Republic of China centenary foundation with 3-colours and NT$ 100 face value ATMs, issued by the distributor number 100.

This issue could also be obtained with a fourth colour imprint.
On October 14th 2011, the two Innovision distributors - 94 and 120- installed in the Taichung post office were fitted with blue ink cartridges. A special postmark and the usual commemorative folder were also available from there.

As usual, other temporary issues followed over the next few weeks, although this article only deals with the first special editions.

20-22.10.2011 - Taipei postal museum
Distributors 100 & 102 - Blue imprint
30.12.2011 - 1.1.2012 - SOGO New Year Exhibition
Distributors 083 & 112 - Magenta imprint

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