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From March 1st 2006, the old Israel Postal Authority gave way to the new state-owned Israel Post Company.

Israel Post Authority was created in 1987 as a separate agency of the Ministry of Communications.
Nearly 20 years later, and following on with the privatization of the postal services that are being carried out worldwide, the new Israel Post Company tries to transform itself into a more economically oriented, competitive and modern company, that can face the competition from other private postal companies.

To commemorate this transition, the Israel Philatelic Service issued various philatelic and postal products with the logo of the new company, such as the stamp issued on February 28th 2006.

On that same date there was an increase in postal tariffs. The new 8 franking values programmed into the Amiel vending machines from March 1st, 2006 are:

NIS 1.50 Inland letter up to 20g. and postcard by air NIS 2.50 Inland letter 20-100g.
NIS 2.20 Letter to Europe up to 20g. NIS 3.00 Letter to Europe 20-50g.
NIS 2.40 Letter to USA up to 20g. NIS 4.30 Letter to USA 20-50g.
NIS 2.90 Letter to Oceania up to 20g. NIS 4.90 Letter to Oceania 20-50g.

Besides the stamp, the Philatelic Service also issued a new ATM with a similar design. Both are designs of Eli Carmeli and the rolls of labels have been manufactured by the local company Tadbick Ltd.

This new issue could be obtained from March 1st onwards, in all the Amiel vending machines, but only with the 8 new pre-programmed postal values.

Official First Day Cover with the ATM for inland mail with a commemorative postmark.

Size: 175 x 100 mm.

These type of stamps are known in Israel as ATM Doar Mat labels.
Doar Mat
is the name of the service: Doar is mail in Hebrew, and Mat comes from the word automatic. They are stamps issued by automatic vending machines. For this reason both the service and the type of stamp are denominated Doar Mat.

Jerusalem 2006

The next ATM issue commemorated the National Stamp Exhibition Jerusalem 2006.
The Philatelic Exhibition was held from May 8th to 11th 2006 in the Jerusalem International Convention Center (Binyaney Ha'ooma).

It's a design of Igal Gaby and the rolls of labels have been manufactured again by the local company Tadbick Ltd.

This issue was sold to the public only at the Exhibition, in the Amiel vending machine (number 017) placed on site at the Exhibition.

The Israel Philatelic Service also supplied this ATM, from the Philatelic Service machine number 001.

Like the other ATM issue, these exist only as ATMs with the 8 values programmed programmed into the Amielmachines.

The ATM issue shows an image of the Citadel of David, also well-known as the Tower of David.
Located in the Old City, south of the Yafo Gate, it's one of the main symbols of the city and today is the site of the Museum of History of Jerusalem.

The Tower of David has been the subject for multiple philatelic issues in Israel, as well as another KlüssendorfATM, issued in June 1994 in a tourist series.
The citadel is on a hill at the south-west of the city, a strategic position to protect and to control Jerusalem.
For more than 20 centuries different fortifications were built there; indeed one of the towers built by Herodes in the 1st century has survived until today and it's known as the Tower of David, because for a long time they thought erroneously that it was a part of the structure of the Palace of King David.
During the 17th century, the Ottomans built new fortifications and also added the minaret jutting high above the old Jerusalem walls.

Official First Day Cover with the ATM, inland mail value, and commemorative postmark.

Size: 175 x 100 mm.

1st. period (1988-1998) 2nd. period - ATM issues AMIEL from 2004
ATMs type FRAMA and KLÜSSENDORF 2004-2005 Israel Post (2006-...)
(Spanish version only) (Spanish version only) (English version)

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