JERSEY. 2017 - Post & Go issues

The JE01 at SPRING STAMPEX 2017. The new 'Shells - Post & Go' series

With no new activity since London Autumn Stampex (see article, also published in VARIABLE 42), Jersey Post's JE01 philatelic kiosk was present, from February 15th to 18th, at Spring Stampex 2017. 
The machine was installed on the 'Post & Go Services' stand, next to the Royal Mail, Guernsey Post and Royal Gibraltar Post Office kiosks (More information).

As in previous years, Jersey Post took advantage of this major annual fair to launch a new 'Post & Go' thematic series.

During the four days of Spring Stampex 2017, the JE01 kiosk issued stamps with the 'Jersey flag' definitive design and the special imprint marking the 65th anniversary of the Queens reign 
HM The Queen 
Accession 1952 

on one of the printers, and the new 'Shells' thematic series, without any special impression, on the other.

The first block of the code at the bottom of all the stamps issued by the kiosks at this philatelic event is B2GB17 JE01-, followed by the session and stamp number.

The 'Shells' series features a selection of molluscs found on the beaches and coast of Jersey - The Blue mussel (Mytilus edulis), the Thin tellin (Tellina tenuis), the Common tower shell(Turritella communis), the Great top shell (Gibbula magus), the Common periwinkle (Littorina littorea) and the Large necklace shell (Euspira catena).

Jersey Post produced a presentation pack and a pictorial first day cover with the six values ​​and designs that make up the new series, together with a special postmark (upper image).
This postmark is exclusive to this philatelic product.

The designs are by the young local artist Nick Parlett. The rolls of thermal labels, with the six consecutive designs, were manufactured by Walsall Security Printing, using digital printing. 

The new series could be obtained, from February 15th 2017, from the JE01 philatelic kiosk, installed temporarily at London Spring Stampex 2017, and from the JE02 kiosk permanently installed at Broad Street Post Office, in Saint Helier, Jersey, with the usual permanent imprint 'Broad Street(see images below)

In addition, the philatelic service sells sets ​​of six values or 'Collectors strips' with the 'Jersey flag' design and the Spring Stampex special text, plus the new 'Shells' series, all issued from the back office printer B002.

The Collector strips sold by the Jersey Philatelic Bureau and included in the presentation packs and first day covers (upper images) have the same lower code - B2JE17 B002-1969-005. In addition, Jersey Post produced mint Collectors strips, also issued by the B002 printer and sold along with a first day receipt, with the lower code having sequential session and stamp numbers (strip below, left).

Printer B002
Jersey Philatelic Bureau
Kiosk JE01
Spring Stampex 2017
Kiosk JE02
Broad Street P.O.

Receipts of the six-value set or 'Collectors Strips', issued by the kiosks installed at Spring Stampex 2017 and Broad Street P.O., respectively.
The stamps bought in the London postal kiosk had a 20% surcharge on the face value, because of the VAT on sales made by Jersey Post in the UK.

The Jersey Post kiosk at the Southern England Stamp Show

After London Spring Stampex 2017, Jersey Post decided to install the JE01 kiosk at the Southern England Stamp Show, one of the largest philatelic shows in the south of the country.

The Southern England Stamp Show was held on March 10th and 11th 2017, at the Farnborough Leisure Center in Hampshire, southwest of London. In addition to the nearly 60 philatelic dealers attending the fair, Jersey Post with its JE01 kiosk was the sole "Post & Go" machine in attendance at a philatelic event.

During the two days, the machine issued stamps with the thematic series 'The Crest of Jersey' (in two paper or surface finish types), with the special imprint

Southern England 
Stamp Show 2017

and the new 'Shells' with no imprint. 

The first block of the code at the bottom of all the stamps issued by the kiosk at this philatelic event is B3GB17 JE01-, followed by the session and stamp number.

As usual, in addition to the stamps issued in Farnborough, Jersey Post put on sale 'Collectors strips' with 'The Crest of Jersey' series and the same special imprint, printed by the back office printer B002.
At the opening of the show, the kiosk used an original roll of 'The Crest of Jersey' glossy finish labels. After two hours of operation, due to the usual slippage problems in the printers associated with the glossy finish labels, the staff changed the roll for another with matt finish (session numbers from 0604 onwards).

Jersey Post celebrates the 100th birthday of Dame Vera Lynn

In 2017, the first special temporary imprint of the JE02 'Post & Go' kiosk installed at the Broad Street Post Office, in Saint Helier, is dedicated to the celebration of the 100th birthday of Dame Vera Lynn.

Vera Lynn, real name Vera Margaret Welch, was born in East Ham, London, on March 20th 1917. She is a singer who became especially popular during World War II, when she was nicknamed 'The Forces' Sweetheart', because of her popularity amongst British troops. Among her many songs, 'We'll Meet Again' of 1939, was one of the most famous melodies of World War II (You can listen to it via this link).

The special imprint was available from March 20th, coinciding with her birthday, until April 10th 2017. All the stamps issued with the 'Jersey flag' definitive design included the special text

We'll meet again 
Broad Street 

and a graphic depicting musical notes.

Without doubt, a great reason for a celebration ... although with no direct relation or relevance to this British Crown dependency ...

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