The Swiss company FRAMA was the first that developed an ATMs or variable value stamps distributor, tested in Switzerland in 1976 and really used from 1978.

The ATM distributors or automatic vending ATM machines type FRAMA can be found at the moment in service in many countries world wide. 
They are self service and they work with coins. They are located generally in the outside of the post offices (in the perimeter facades), but also they are possible to be found in the lobby or in other public spaces, so that the user can obtain the ATMs (stamps of variable value) at any time.

Different distributor models exist, and its designations allow us to know its basic characteristics ; 
For example, the model FE 134 would indicate that it's a distributing Frama type (F), electronic (E), with one groove to introduce the coins (1), that accept 3 types or values of different coins (3) and have 4 buttons to obtain programmed values (4).

FRAMA ATM distributor used by the Swiss Posts.
The first distributors or vending machine series issued ATMs measuring 40 x 33 mm, printed in different red tonalities depending on the ink used. The printing mall pillow included a fixed cliché with the name of the country and a design and, sometimes, the machine number or identification. The face value was printed with four wheels of digits. 
As the design was in the cliché, the base security paper had a neutral background or, even, white.
From 1995 a new model of FRAMA distributor (called Frama 2) has been developed ; the printing mall pillow no longer include a fixed cliché, but only wheels of digits. In this case the gummed security paper is pre-printed with colourful designs and a lateral silver plated rectangle recognized by the distributor for correct face value printing in black and cutting operation.
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